fbhp-3Don Etheredge & Blue Flat

Musician – Singer – Songwriter

Don is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrument musician.  For over thirty years, this Texan has written and performed country, bluegrass and gospel songs.  The authentic sound of acoustic music is what drives Don to play bass, mandolin, guitar and banjo.  He has performed with regional bluegrass bands and played multiple bluegrass festivals, churches, civic events, and senior living venues.

Blue Flat, is a “virtual” bluegrass band that lets Don share his music and talent with more audiences and at smaller venues.  With Blue Flat, Don plays all of the instruments and sings all of the harmony parts on traditional, modern, and original bluegrass and bluegrass gospel songs.  In his live performances, Blue Flat provides recorded backup music while Don sings lead and plays the 5-string banjo or acoustic guitar. The end result is the full sound of a live bluegrass band.