Fabulous February

Fabulous February

Wow.  February has been a very busy month.   Had a couple of gigs early in the month, then went to Pearl where I hooked up with Dennis Sparks from Glen Rose and we knocked down some hard-core bluegrass.  There were a lot of folks at Pearl and a lot of jammin’.

I was down for about a week with the “almost flu” and I’m glad that’s behind me.

Spent a full Saturday afternoon with my old friend Richard Gilbert.  As usual, we picked lot and swapped original songs.  Richard’s great guy and very talented.  A few day later, I ran up to a jam session in Van Alstyne, TX, made some new friends and played a lot of music.

Changed the head on my banjo and have been playing it a LOT trying to get it settled in.  It’s like waiting for bread to rise…it just takes time.

The highlight of my month was giving the first guitar lesson to my granddaughter Mattie.  She loves bluegrass and is super excited about learning to play.  Talk about a dream come true!!

Well, I have to go pick the banjo and try to get that head settled in.  Keep on pickin.

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