Fixin’ Up The Doghouse

Fixin’ Up The Doghouse

img_1511A few months ago, I acquired a nice, old King Mortone bass from my brother Ted.  I think they quit making these things in 1965.  The year 1947 is penciled above the label inside the right f-hole.  It’s in great shape and sounds terrific, but he’s had it stored for many years.  I think it will really sound good and play nicely after I fix it up.

img_1510Since it just needs a little T.L.C., I’m going to install an adjustable bridge and put some new Helicore strings on it.  I’ll be visiting my luthier in Livingston in a few weeks and we’ll work on it together.

Of course, we’ll do some pickin’ while I’m there.  He’s already got a jam session lined up.  It will be fun and I can’t wait.

I’d like to thank Mark Gollihur at Gollihur Music for the help and guidance.  You should get in touch with him if you need acoustic bass stuff.

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