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Fun In Southlake

We had a great time at Silverado-Southlake yesterday.  Here's a video clip of On My Way Back To The Old Home with my "karaoke" bluegrass band Blue Flat (recorded in my home studio).  I hope you enjoy!    

Kickoff 2017

Kicking off the 2017 shows tomorrow, January 13th, at Parkview in Allen.  I have a lot of shows already booked this year and many more in the pipeline.  I've been in the studio for the past two months creating new backup tracks and I'm super excited about the mix of…

Only in Texas

I drove down to visit a friend near Houston a few weeks ago.  As I neared lake Livingston, just east of Huntsville, I came upon this town and just couldn't resist taking a shot of this.  I wonder what could have happened here that gave the town this name.  Would…