Where we perform…

Don Etheredge & Blue Flat bring lively, exciting bluegrass entertainment to independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in the DFW Metoplex and surrounding areas of North Texas.

The songs I play are typically filled with lyrics about home, family, faith, love, hard work, and traveling with an occasional lost love or homesick ballad thrown in for good measure.

I often get comments like “My daddy played that kind of music” or “My brothers worked in a coal mine” or “I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina” or “My mother used to sing that song“.  You can tell by the smiles that they were such sweet memories.

What to expect…

I am a solo performer, but since I record my own backup music, the overall sound is like a full bluegrass band: complete with bass, guitar, mandolin and harmony vocals (all performed by me) while I play the 5-string banjo and sing lead during the performance.  To achieve the “bluegrass band” sound, I use a full sound system with stand speakers, sub-woofer, a mixer and two microphones (one for vocals, one for banjo).

My typical “set up” requires about 45 minutes and “tear down” takes about 30 minutes.  Please keep these time requirements in mind when scheduling your events.

A performance area or “stage” of approximately 8-10 feet wide (left to right) and 5-6 feet deep (front to back) is required to accommodate the sound system, instruments, and performer.

Please ensure that electricity outlets are within reasonable proximity to the performance area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.