Here are few videos of some performances.  Hope you enjoy.

Carolina In The Pines is one of my wife’s favorites.

Gonna Settle Down is an old traditional bluegrass song.  I like tunes with this medium, snappy tempo.

Tennessee Waltz is always a favorite.  It seems like everybody knows it and they love to dance to it.

Holy Manna is a nice, up tempo gospel tune.  The crowd likes this one.

Remembrance Of You is an old Doyle Lawson song that I still enjoy performing.


The Susquehanna Mine is a song I wrote about my wife’s great-grandfather, who died in a coal mining accident.  The story was told to me, first hand, by my father-in-law.

Sugar Moon is a Bob Wills swing tune.  I have lot’s of fun with this song.

If I Was A Drinking Man has a bit of a country flavor to it.

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